I work with graduate and undergraduate students committed to social justice and transformative research. We work as a collective, being intentional about building community amongst ourselves as we strive to engage in research that is just and rigorous.


Gordon Crean

Gordon Crean is a doctoral student in the Applied Psychology and Prevention Science program. He is broadly interested in liberation, decolonial, and critical community psychology, along with critical qualitative methods. He is currently developing a conceptual framework for social justice inspired by dialogical self theory, embodied cognition, healing justice, women of color feminisms, and anarchism. He cares deeply about immigrant justice, racial justice, and healing justice.


Jeremy Laporte

Jeremy Laporte is a graduate student in the Community Social Psychology Master's program. He studies the relationship between masculinity and patriarchal socio-political structures, as they relate to overlapping systems of capitalism, colonialism/imperialism, and white supremacy. He uses autoethnography to investigate these issues in his master’s thesis. He cares deeply about decolonization, anti-racism, feminism, trans liberation, and (dis)ability justice.


Raphael Marinho

Raphael Marinho is a graduate student in the Community Social Psychology Master's program. His research interests focus on praxis in relation to empowering education, embodiment and healing at ecological levels, and decolonial and liberation psychology. He cares deeply about social justice issues relating to education, immigration, and politics, especially in the contexts of coloniality and oppressive political conditions.


Abraham Ruiz

Abraham Ruiz is a recent graduate of the Community Social Psychology master’s program at UMass Lowell. He is interested in the topics of citizenship, voting rights, and migration, especially in the U.S. south.