I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I am involved with several interdisciplinary programs: Gender Studies; Peace and Conflict Studies; Global Studies. I completed my Ph.D. in Community Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 2012. A feminist scholar activist with an interdisciplinary training, my program of research focuses on everyday violence, i.e., forms of direct, structural, and symbolic violence that become endemic to society and are no longer questioned by most people/institutions. This focus has been profoundly shaped by my experiences growing up in the Northeastern borderlands of India, amidst complex and convoluted forms of belonging, marginality, and exclusions. Using critical qualitative methods, my research examines the linkages between everyday suffering and the macro social matrices in which suffering in configured. The commitment to understanding and alleviating varied forms of oppression and exclusions inform my research, teaching, and service.